In 1206 Dominic de Guzman gathered nine women who were converted from a form of heresy to a town of Prouille, France.  These women eventually vowed to devote their lives to God.  They lived in silence and continuous prayer and were said to be Dominicans before the Order was formed. 






In 1924 a monastery, which sprang from Prouilhe, came to Los Angeles and founded the Monastery of the Angels, the first monastery of cloistered nuns in Southern California.  The Monastery, located in the heart of Hollywood, was blessed in 1938.  The nuns were welcomed to Hollywood with words of hope and joy:  “They would impart the badly-needed tradition of spirituality to the area.”






Years have passed and the cloistered nuns are still living in the city of Los Angeles.  They truly cherish the privilege of giving up everything, including family and friends, for the sake of God’s kingdom here on earth, to be continued in heaven.  Their way of life, which is geared to preserving the remembrance of the Word of God, makes them participants of calling man back to God.  It is a life hidden yet it is a form of preaching.


Following the traditions passed on to them, the nuns live a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice to obtain the salvation of all people.  They carry in their hearts St. Dominic’s prayer which he often said during his vigils:  “Lord, what will become of sinners?”


The world needs prayer.  The Church needs generous people to pray for the world.  The very fact that a monastery exists is a sign of the reality of God.  God can never be outdone in generosity.  Those who give their life in service of God’s people will save it.  The nuns’ existence in Hollywood for almost 88 years is a proof of all this.


Visitors come to pray in our Chapel and those who come to us are inspired by our joyful engagement in community life and a life of prayer for our country.  The film capital of the world is always in need of the spiritual influence of our praying Nuns.