Our ENCLOSURE displayed through the grilles and surrounding walls frees our mind and heart of the many distractions to a life of prayer to which we are dedicated and allows us to  concentrate without distractions on the reality of eternity.  Our location in Hollywood cannot exclude all noise of the neighboring outside world.  We hear the traffic on the 101 freeway and helicopters overhead, but we are far enough away here at the foot of the hill so as not be distracted by the noise on the Boulevard.  Within our enclosure is a hill which is surmounted by the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and from the top of the hill there is a clear vision of Los Angeles and Hollywood business center, and beyond Hollywood even, on a clear day, a view of the Pacific Ocean.


Enclosure is part of our penitential life.  We really look upon it as a special grace and benefit rather than a restriction.  It entails discipline on our part to withdraw from the busy occupations in which we were previously engaged.  It frees us from all distractions to our life of constant prayer and adoration of God which is the essence of our life.



A simple grille separates us from those who visit us





Our Chapel has a cloistered side and a public side.  On the cloistered side  the nuns gather for daily liturgical prayers and come to adore the Lord in private prayer.  It is filled with the chants of the liturgy and the earnest private prayers of the nuns for all who entrust their needs to us.  On the public side of the chapel, people come to us throughout the day to adore Christ in the Eucharist and to participate in the liturgical services including the Conventual Mass and to experience in peace the silence and tranquility needed in the course of their daily labors.       


Movable doors separate the enclosed chapel from the public chapel




Separating doors are open during liturgical services




Sisters have full view of the altar when the doors are opened




The altar is separated from the public chapel with a screen




View of the outside chapel