Q & A will provide answers to questions you might have had for many days now or even for years about our customs and traditions or the way we live our life as cloistered Dominicans.  So we invite you to check this page and see for yourselves answers to question like "Why do nuns wear a habit" and many more.



Did you ever ask how the Church looks at the Cloistered life today and what is its value in the present world?  Do you need help how to find direction in the discernment of a religious vocation?  Well, this is a good place for you to look at.  F. Y.

Although apart from the busy life in our city of Los Angeles, we are providing NEWS for those who are interested to follow the story of our hidden life within this cloistered walls.  Pictures captured at different times and moments depicting our life and activities which occured in the Monastery are here to give you a bit of information of what and how monastic life in the Monastery of the Angels are lived and carried out.  As the title suggests this page is mere

It was said that our Blessed Mother presented to St. Dominic the prayer of the Rosary as the effective means of conversion to his preaching.  It was the mysteries of the Rosary that St.

 "A Cute Dominican Saint"

In the community are special events the nuns usually look and celebrate with anticipation and excitement.  These events are nothing else than the remembrance of one's birthday and feast day.  The celebration always begins with prayer and then the sisters greet the celebrant with a song.  A delicious informal meal, with no reading and of course not rushing to finish quickly, makes it very different and enjoyable.  We talk and make jokes at table thus enriching our relationships with one another.  Occasiona